9 Benefits of Daily Exercise

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Doing exercises daily helps you control your weight, gain fitness, improve your mental health, and look good...

We’ve heard these many times before, but the actual benefits of daily exercise are much more than that. In this article, we’ve compounded the reasons why you should move your body every single day. From weight control to digestion and energy boost, you’ll learn about all the benefits. It’ll make you want to start this super routine. And the good news is that you can start doing it anytime. It’s never too late. You can start slowly and fit more physical activities into your life. Your body, mind, and soul will thank you for that!

1. It helps to control weight

Daily exercise plus a healthy and personalised diet help prevent excess weight gain and

help maintain weight loss. It plays an essential role in controlling your weight, so if you’re

facing such problems, regular exercise is highly recommended. When moving and doing

sports, you burn calories that make it easier to reach a healthy and desired weight. It doesn’t have to be an extremely exacting exercise, but the continuity and regular checking are important and most beneficial.

As you start doing exercise daily, you’ll get better and be able to do more and more. Together with a well-designed diet, it helps you control weight and feel better in your body.

2. It helps to deal with stress

Regular exercise helps to deal with stress and reduce the risk of depression. During

exercise, your brain focuses on the present movements, and your body releases chemicals

that have a huge role in making you feel better. It simply helps to empty your mind, connect

with your body, and release stress. Whether it's a 15 minutes yoga every morning, tennis in

the afternoons, or a run to close the day with, you’ll definitely feel the positive benefits of

stress release when doing daily exercise.

3. It strengthens your bones and muscles

Doing exercises regularly helps to strengthen your bones and muscles. It’s especially true

when starting this habit at an early age. It makes the bones stronger and contributes to

having a healthy life. It slows the loss of bone density that comes with age and builds a

strong core. Doing exercise that strengthens your muscles helps you maintain or increase

your muscle mass and strength. It’ll give you a healthier body and less pain in your joints

and muscles as you get older. So it's best to build the activity of doing exercises in your

every day as early as possible to do the best for your body for now and later.

4. It helps in preventing health conditions

Doing sports regularly strengthens your heart, makes your circulation better, and releases

high-density lipoproteins (HDL). It’s the key to a healthy heart and preventing cardiovascular diseases. On top of that, it helps to prevent and manage additional health problems too, such as stroke, metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, and falls.

5. It improves digestion and your appetite

If you’re facing minimal or moderate digestion problems, regular sports could help you to feel better. When being active, blood flow towards the digestive tract is increased, which can help move food through the digestive tract better. Besides that, it improves your appetite and makes you enjoy food. It’s especially beneficial if you find it hard to eat or find food that makes your body happy. A personalised diet also helps in that.

6. It improves your mood and mental health

Daily exercise has positive effects on your mood. It helps to put your to-do-list, problems,

and fears away. It’s an excellent and very easy tool to improve your mental health. If you do

sports, and especially if you do sports that you enjoy, you’ll feel less anxious and it’ll make

you positive and bright. When you exercise, specific chemicals are released that make your

body more relaxed and your soul complete.

7. It boosts energy

When doing physical exercise, oxygen lymphatic circulation gets revived and fresh oxygen

gets delivered to tissues and organs. It improves blood flow and makes your heart and lungs

work more efficiently. By that, you’ll feel more energised, active, and fresh. Isn’t it a great

feeling? Start your day with a full-body workout or make time for it in the middle of the day to get a natural energy boost. Drink enough water and eat quality, fresh food to feel your best.

8. It helps you focus

Being active is an excellent tool to help you focus and be more efficient. It’s a natural

refresher that makes you concentrate better and carry out your tasks without struggles. It’s

highly recommended to do some sports a few hours before having an exam as it clears your

brain and gives it extra power to focus and perform.

9. It helps you sleep better

Regular sports help you sleep better. It calms down your brain so you won’t be distracted by intensive thoughts when trying to sleep, therefore you’ll fall asleep faster and easier. On the other hand, it helps you sleep better and deeper, so you’ll wake up energised in the morning. Just make sure not to do sports 2-3 hours before going to bed, because it might make you too energised and it would prevent you from falling asleep easily.

How to get started?

First start by building physical activity into your everyday routines - for example, ride a bike instead of taking the bus, park further away from your destination or simply walk the stairs instead of taking the elevator. Slowly you’ll be able to take more and more. In the

meanwhile, try different sports to find the ones you enjoy doing. It can be anything:

swimming, jogging, tennis, yoga, TRX, or even walking. It’s very important that you do

something that you enjoy. It’ll help you be motivated even on the rainy, moody days to get

out and give yourself that move. Setting personal goals and analysing your current level is

essential when doing sports so that it helps you feel better and be healthier. We’re here to

help you by designing a specific diet for you completed with the recommended amount and

type of exercise for your age. Get in touch and start your journey towards a healthier, happier life.

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