Feeding Our Gut Flora For Good Health

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

What is the micro biome?

The human micro biome is a fancy term that describes the trillions of bacteria (good and bad), viruses, and parasites that inhabit our bodies. Most of these microbes live within our digestive tract and other words you may have heard it called is gut flora, gut bacteria, gut biome or gut biota.

When the bacteria in our gut are balanced, we’re healthy, energetic, and in a good mood. If it is reduced or in dysbiosis, we have an increased risk of developing diseases such as cancer and diabetes. Our gut bacteria is very important for health and wellbeing and why we should ensure it is well looked after and feed it regularly to flourish to protect our body from the external environment.

The role of probiotics

Probiotics stem from a Greek word that means the following:

· Pro: to promote

· Biotic: life

Professionally, this term is used to describe living organisms in several areas of the body like the mouth, nose, gut and on the skin, which are believed to offer many health benefits.

The micro biome remains very much a mystery to the medical researchers, however the science to discover more about it is fast growing and researchers are discovering more health benefits to taking probiotics - the popularity of these products becoming more widely discussed and consumption is rising. Probiotics can improve digestion, heart health, and inflammatory conditions such as , inflammatory bowel diseases, IBS, leaky gut syndrome and auto immune disorders and many more..

The role of prebiotics

Most people confuse probiotics with prebiotics; however, the two terms have completely different meanings.

Probiotics are consumed daily and these help to increase the amount of bacteria in the gut if it has been destroyed or reduced by antibiotic use, chronic diarrhoea, surgery etc. The bacteria is transient, meaning daily consumption is necessary to ensure the amount is substantial to award the benefits they offer.

Prebiotics is the dietary fibre (food) that feed our 'resident' bacteria - the bacteria that we have been nurturing though our life and has put up residency in the gut. The food makes it stronger and more resilient to destruction.

In other words, when you take probiotics or consume prebiotics, it’s like you’re consuming bacteria and providing them with food.

Takeaway message

Maintaining a healthy gut flora is critical to improve your digestion and prevent flareups of other ailments.

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